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(Ages 19+)

Ages 17&18 out of school for >1 year, or Homeschooled

(Ages 16, 17, 18) Enrolled or applied to Job Corps, Military, or College

Regents Substitute

Filling Out Your TASC Application

  1. Select one of the Applications below based on their specific requirements.
  2. Fill out the application COMPLETELY, making sure you have selected the date you’d prefer and an alternate 2nd choice.
    • Make sure the dates selected are at least 2- 4 weeks away (as we cannot ensure the delivery/processing time will be faster than that).
    • Be mindful that if you pick a Tue/Thur date, it means the full exam is given over the course of BOTH days, so you must attend both days if you are taking all 5 subtests.
    • If you pick a Saturday date, that exam will be given entirely on that day.
  3. Select the language you prefer.
  4. Make sure you have proof of your address available the day you take the exam.
    • If you are not a US citizen, you must provide a notarized letter stating you have lived in NYC a minimum of 30 days and a photo ID.
  5. All applications should be stapled or paper clipped together and submitted in a sealed envelope labeled “TASC Application”.
    • If you have tested before, you MUST include a copy of your transcript.
    • If you currently attend a TASC Prep Program, you must include a completed T-TAF form with your application. (Please see your program manager/instructor for details.)

Submitting Your Application

All completed applications may be sent by mail or dropped off at the following address:

Maria Cruz Test Center
205 East 122nd Street

2nd Floor, Room #200
New York, NY 10035

(Ages 17 &18) Confined to a facility or institution or considered Abjudicated Youth

(Ages 17 & 18) Foreign born, or haven't never attended K-12 in the USA

Accommodation Waiver Form

Please Note:

  • We are a COMPUTER-BASED test center. NO paper exams are given at this site.
  • Incomplete applications will cause a delay in processing. You must fill out every section that pertains to you. If we cannot communicate with you, we cannot process your application.
  • All Drop-Off applications MUST be left at the Drop Box labeled TASC APPLICATIONS located at the front desk.
  • Once submitted, please allow 2-4 weeks for processing. You will be sent a confirmation notice if/when you are scheduled for an exam date. Confirmations are emailed, so please make sure to provide one.

For any questions & inquiries email us at: Tasctesting@opequiv.org