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Operation Equivalency is an organization that is set out to help individuals to achieve goals and objectives that will cause them to advance in the business world/academia.

Our mission has been and is to provide exceptional High School Equivalency/GED Test Readiness preparation (English & Spanish). We have also partnered with various organizations, dedicated to ensuring fair opportunities for participants to promote academic continuity and a clearer path to success in education, work and life.

Operation Equivalency was founded in 2013. In our platform, we started with the original GED test prep. We have implemented our Core Subject Modules, which include building key skills, strategies and content knowledge for the TASC & Common Core State Standard (CCSS), based on high school equivalency, college and career readiness exams. Besides HSE, GED & TASC test readiness, we became an approved HSE Testing Site named the Maria Cruz Testing Center in 2016. In 2022, we transitioned back to the GED prep and testing according to the new and improved New York State HSE regulations. As an approved HSE Testing Site, we are proud to test our students and individuals who apply to take the exam city wide, as walk-ins and through the 30 plus organizations that we work with to ensure test placement for their students. We built relationships with other HSE readiness organizations so their students can have access to take the exam at our facility upon availability and readiness of the students. We have staffed highly trained professionals, qualified instructors, advanced-degree administrative personnel, certified counselors, and a dedicated board of Directors passionate about our mission. 

Operation Equivalency is a New York State accredited educational provider of adult literacy courses, high school equivalency (HSE) testing and graduate placements into degree and certificate training programs in OSHA, FLAGGING, and SCAFFOLDING that lead to viable career paths. Our goals are to recruit, enroll, and train as many participants as possible, as well as bring on additional workforce development programs. Our adult literacy program includes Adult Basic Education (ABE) for students with low literacy scores and Adult Secondary Education (ASE) for students with average/high literacy scores. Our goals through Workforce Development in construction is to create pathways to employment. Currently, through our construction program, we can educate and certify our participants and, upon completion, they will join our internship level opportunity for possible employment security.