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GED Education

Operation Equivalency is a family of community leaders, educators, social workers, staff and volunteers, committed to working together to provide educational, career and vocational opportunities to the community of East Harlem and surrounding neighborhoods.

First, OE helps youth and adults successfully pass their NYS High School Equivalency Exam (GED). We educate our students through an enriched and rigorous curriculum in Literacy, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science.

Second, OE assists those looking to pursue and expand their employment and career opportunities, by providing workforce development, vocational and job readiness training programs.

Testing Schedule: Mondays & Wednesdays 9am – 6pm

Participants can receive help to register for the GED exam at the OE office on Thursdays at 11am. Please make a reservation in advance.

Staff at OE focus on preparing students for their GED exam. We assessed students to determine how ready they are for the GED exam. Based on the findings. We can tell about their level of readiness. We also assist students to prepare for any exams taken unsuccessfully in the past. Presently, we are working towards getting our students to focus on the new GED exam form and the state guidelines. We also walk the students through the new self-registration process.

We prepare students for the exam in the four content areas:

  • Reading/writing (RLA)

  • Social Studies

  • Math

  • Science

GED Testing

Besides GED test readiness, we are approved Pearson Vue testing site named the Maria Cruz testing center. We test our students and individuals who apply for GED test city wide.

Changes related to the 2022 GED testing include:

  • No more TASC. The test has reverted to GED.

  • Participants must schedule their own exams.

  • Registration and exams are all done electronically.

  • Passing score is 145.

  • All certifications, scheduling, and tech troubleshooting are done through Pearson Vue.

The GED test has a passing score of 145 for each test subject. To earn a high school equivalency, participant will need to score a minimum score of 145.

Scoring above 165 on any test subject means participants are ready to take college-level courses and may qualify for waivers from placement exams or developmental education requirement if they enroll in college.

Scoring above 175 on any subject shows that the participant has demonstrated skills that could qualify them for up to 10 college credit hours.