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Our Student Commandments


1) We will provide a safe, clean, respectful space for students to learn.

2) We treat everyone – students, partners, staff, and the community – with respect and care.

3) We accept people for who they are, no matter their educational level, learning style, background, or culture.

4) All programs are goal-driven, whether to receive certification, high-school equivalency, or specific knowledge around particular topics.

5) We will continuously assess student achievements to provide concrete advice on improvement.

6) No student is “just a number”. We see all of our students as individuals, and as members of our OE family.

7) We learn about our students and their needs, connecting them with the resources that they need.

8) We will do our best to keep program costs low, in order to serve as many as we can.



9) We will celebrate students’ completion of their programs and provide connections for further education and/or professional opportunities.