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Adult Secondary Education




Operation Equivalency Training Center focuses on individuals who are 16 years of age and over and who are not enrolled or not required to be enrolled in secondary school under New York State Law.

The Center provides High School Equivalency Test Readiness preparation; facilitates transitioning adult learners from the traditional “GED” test to the new 2014 Common Core “TASC” (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) exam. We provide individuals with  hands-on instruction that involves plenty of interaction and opportunities to build comprehension skills. Our center provides educational supports, dedicated to ensuring equitable educational opportunities for students, and comprehensive guidance and counseling services delivered by a licensed social worker, all to promote academic enrichment, and a clearer path to success in education, work and life. Within this platform, O.E. implements its Core Subject Modules to provide an enriched and rigorous curriculum in Literacy, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science, building key skills, strategies and content knowledge for the Common Core State Standard (CCSS), based on high school equivalency, college and career readiness exams.


These Core Subject Modules are taught cooperatively through the “point of entry model” in an inclusive environment that motivates, challenges, and addresses the individual needs of each student. We use differentiated instruction to meet the diverse learning styles of our student population, while ensuring the necessary academic rigor.  Our approach utilizes a combination of traditional and non-traditional methods of teaching by creating independent and guided groups where the instructors serve more as facilitators than lecturers to the student population.

Through the use of Professional Development sessions and ongoing support and interventions the instructors are prepared and equipped by the Director of Education. Share outs, and evaluations are done, as well as data analysis to ascertain status and the reaching of program goals and objectives, in the best interest of O.E. students.

All curricula are furnished by McGraw-Hill, under a strategic alliance with O.E. Texts and book materials, used by the Center, are provided free of charge to students.



The Center’ HSE program also supports excellent and effective tutoring services, to help ensure that students remain at level with the average population at their schools; to motivate Middle and High School drop outs, between 6th and 10th, to return to classroom by providing alternative education via unconventional methods; to prepare students from grades 11 and 12, to meet strict NYS criteria to either graduate from high school (via passing the National Common Core Standard test), or be admitted into college (via special pre-credit courses, in partnership with certain recognized colleges); to provide adult education at either low, or no, cost to the community to meet community needs and demands.



Operation Equivalency is strongly focused on meeting the needs of individuals that due to circumstances have not been able to obtain a High School Diploma, higher education, or employment because of lack of skills. With our highly trained professional staff of qualified instructors, advanced-degree administrative personnel, certified counselors and a dedicated Board of Directors, we are passionate about helping individuals pursue their educational and career goals in life.

When meeting new challenges in life, one must be equipped with the necessary tools to overcome the social, behavioral, emotional, and economic issues that may arise and learn how to adjust to a world that is constantly changing in order to succeed. Therefore, O.E. partners with “Paving the Way”, a team of licensed social workers dedicated to facilitating educational opportunities for students providing counseling and guidance in all areas, to promote academic continuity and a clearer path to success in education, work and life.

To motivate youth and adults to re-engage, O.E. features “unconventional” classroom settings with fewer students per class and practical learning as class amenities and activities are planned and executed to combat apathy, while accentuating the learning process via enhanced motivation and support. All students must first meet with the School Advisory for due guidance and preparation for an O.E. classroom experience. The Advisory also gathers information about family relations, social problems and general mental health of prospective students. Advisory remains as a continuous support throughout the programs.