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High School Eqivalency PREP

Common Core Standard Test Preparation(CCSS)

In this platform, we implement our Core Subject Modules which include building key skills, strategies and content knowledge to Common Core State Standard (CCSS). Our goal is to achieve success in the HSE, CCR exams in the following areas:

• Basics in Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Socials Studies
• Key CCSS concepts and objectives explicitly taught and reinforced
• 21st Century skill instruction to develop critical thinking
• Instructions tied to workplace and real life tasks
• Vocabulary instruction on Tier 2, Tier 3 and key test-taking words
• Short and long essay writing practice (Reading, Writing, and Social Studies)
• Inquiry-based learning opportunities (Math & Science)
• End-of-lesson assessments
• One to One study hall sessions

Current Curriculum for Scholar Year 2014-2019


• Number Sense and Operations
• Ratio, Proportion, and Probability
• Linear Equations and Inequalities
• Polynomials and Rational Expressions
• Linear Equations in the Coordinate Plane
• Geometry & Measurement
• Data Analysis


• Human Body and Health (HE)
• Ecosystems (HE)
• Structure and Function of Life (HE)
• Heredity and Evolution (HE)
• Matter (HE)
• The Earth (HE)
• The Cosmos
• Energy (ME)
• Work, Motion and Forces


• Identify Main Ideas and Details
• Analyze Relationships within Texts
• Interpret Words in Context
• Examine Text Structure
• Assess How Point of View Shapes Informational Text
• Evaluate Textual Evidence
• Analyze Structure Across Texts
Social Studies
• Government (HE)
• Civics (HE)
• American History: World War I Through Modern Times (HE)
• Fundamentals of Economics (HE)
• Microeconomics and Macroeconomics (ME)
• Economics and History/Government (HE)
• Consumer Credit (ME)
• Societal Development (ME)
• Borders Between People and Nations (ME)
• American History: Revolutionary War Through Civil War (ME)