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Operation Equivalency is a family of community leaders, educators, social workers, staff and volunteers, committed to working together to provide educational, career and vocational opportunities to the community of East Harlem and surrounding neighborhoods.

Firstly, OE helps youth and adults successfully pass their NYS High School Equivalency Exam (TASC). We educate our students through an enriched and rigorous curriculum in Literacy, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science (all of which are aligned with Common Core State Standards).

Secondly, OE assists those in need of increasing their English Language proficiency to pursue educational and career goals. We provide excellent ESL (English as a Second Language) courses, in addition to customized ESL courses developed to enhance communication and understanding in circumstances such as schooling, parenting, teaching, and leadership.

Thirdly, OE assists those looking to pursue and expand their employment and career opportunities, by providing vocational and job readiness training programs.